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The UK’s 21 Best Nursing Agencies In 2017

Who are the UK’s best nursing agencies to work for ?With the ongoing economic fluctuations experienced in the UK, the health sector is now settling on making cutbacks in a bid to salvage the unsustainable public wage bill. However, health remains an important factor to every citizen, and nursing agencies are now taking the time to absorb the cutback by recruiting nurses, who want to work extra shifts to raise their pay, while leading a healthy work-life balance, especially those with young families.

So Who Are The Best Nursing Agencies In UK?


Best Nursing Agencies


Working for these reputable best nursing agencies in the UK, will provide you with the aforementioned great opportunities.


 Thornbury Nursing Services:

Thornbury Nursing Services

Thornbury nursing, have existed for more than 30 years delivering exceptional services to both nurses and hospitals across the UK. In their efforts to improve the quality of nursing. Thornbury is reputed for bringing onboard talented nurses, with a passion in the healthcare sector. Nurses enjoy a full cover of their status of compliance, cover for on-field travel expenses, work with a friendly team, and enjoy flexible shifts and work-life options. I like Thornbury because of how they prioritise the needs of nurses and clients. Call them today and register.


Ambition 24 Hours: 

Healthcare assistants and nurses get a great working environment in Ambition 24 hours Agency. They have flexible working schedules, with an updated online diary, great pay depending on work experience, nurses also benefit from fantastic continuous professional development courses, and with an assurance of constant job flow for specialist nurses. When I worked for Ambition 24 hours in London. I was always treated with respect and got 100% support from all the booking consultants. I highly rate Ambition 24 hours to all my fellow nurses looking to increase income.


Nursing Personnel:

Nursing Jobs from Nursing Personnel

Nursing personnel is among the best nursing agencies in the UK. If you are after an excellent employment opportunity in the nursing career, look no further than Nursing Personnel. You will enjoy close to 40 hours or more of working per week. Nursing Personnel has hospital contracts all over the country, and they also have the most exciting pay rates for nurses. It’s not usually difficult to register and once all the necessary paper works are in place, you can be working within three weeks. I encourage all nurses to join them.

Nursing 2000:


about us

Nursing 2000 has been known, as one of the most valuable best nursing agencies in the UK. The company always provides the best highest quality of service to nurses and all their clients. The good news about working for Nursing 2000 is the great pay rates nurses and healthcare assistants can get, with unlimited amount of support whenever needed. I have worked for Nursing 2000 for years in London, and I am here to tell you, it’s a great company to work for as a nurse. So what are you waiting now? just give them a ring and register immediately!


North West Care and Support:



If you wish to take your career higher, by working in hospitals, North West Care offers the best practice for nurses and healthcare assistants. In addition to paying for your full compliance, they ensure their staff enjoys a conducive working environment, while getting excellent hourly rates as compensation. North West Care have demonstrated superior leadership as an employer and I encourage nurses to join them.


Inivo Healthcare: 


With absolutely zero time wasting from interview to start. Inivo Healthcare is one of the best nursing agencies in the UK, and could be your next best deal. You will earn points and competitive hourly rates both day and night shifts, while still interacting with a locum booking team of consultants. The agency is responsible for providing the highest standards of care and clinical work environment, ensuring the emotional, physical and social needs of their staff are met. After more than 10 years working in nursing field, I won’t hesitate in recommending Inivo Healthcare to anyone for their brilliant support.


Nos Da Healthcare:

Nos Da Healthcare - Employment And Recruitment Companies And Consultants in Gwent

Apart from having a competitive hourly pay scale. Nos Da Healthcare allows nurses to bring to the table their skills and experience in the industry. Additionally, they link them with the important hospitals, cover up for travel expenses, pension schemes and support from the clinical lead nurse. This is one of the best companies to work for as a healthcare professional and I recommend them to you.

Grosvenor Nursing:


Grosvenor Nursing

Grosvenor Nursing is renowned for recruiting nurses and health assistants, who are interested working in mental health institutions. However, the working environment is mostly excellent, with flexible day and night shifts, competitive hourly rates. What is remarkable about Grosvenor Nursing is the years of experience, supplying specialist nurses to clients. I strongly recommend them to all nurses and healthcare assistants looking to supplement their income.


Mayfair Specialist Nursing:

Mayfair Specialist Nursing

Mayfair is reputed for giving ongoing and compliance training to its staff, offering competitive hourly rates for working days, night shifts, weekends and holidays. Nurses have a chance to develop their skills in a short development time. If you’re looking to increase your earnings in a minimum time, Mayfair Nursing is the only place to go as a nurse. They have a clear vision for nurses and that’s why I trust their brand. Join them today.

WNA Healthcare:

WNA Healthcare - Healthcare

WNA Healthcare is among the best nursing agencies in the UK, supplying nurses and healthcare assistants to Hospitals and Care Homes.They provide excellent rates of pay, with freedom of when to work, thanks to flexible shifts and a fast weekly pay. They also arm nurses with practical online solutions to meet NMC revalidation requirements. I have worked with WNA and honestly, they have a great supportive team. What are you waiting for? Call them now and register.



Medacs Healthcare:

Medacs Healthcare

Apart from providing nurses with competitive pay scales, Medacs assures its staff of the much-needed support, expertise, and diplomacy to nurses, who have a difficult time adapting to new environments. It is a commitment made by the administration to give nurses safe and balanced work-life conditions. Medacs is ranked among the best nursing agencies UK, because of their excellent services in meeting the needs of nurses. Call them and join today.


Your World Healthcare:

Your World Healthcare

This nursing agency offers some of the best services to its nurses, including competitive salaries, a balanced work-life environment, flexible benefits scheme, generous holiday entitlement and an excellent network of general medical practitioners. This is the fastest growing agency in the UK, you can call them and register immediately!


Jane Lewis Health & Social Care:

Jane Lewis boasts of offering a broad range of pay and benefits, such as weekly payments and travel expenses, work-life balance through setting your availability in a range of geographical locations, assistance with nursing revalidation processes, and overall career advice and development. I encourage all nurses and healthcare assistants to join this great company today.


Team 24 Healthcare:

Image result for team 24 logo

Team 24 healthcare is one of the established nursing agencies in the UK, recruiting healthcare assistants and experienced nurses. What’s exciting about Team 24 is the friendly approach of their booking consultants and attractive pay rates. Team 24 has contracts all over the country, and if you want to increase your income join them today. I have worked with this company and got a wonderful experience.


Ashbourne Healthcare Services:

Ashbourne Healthcare Services

Ashbourne offers one of the fantastic working opportunities, thanks to its effective way of running nursing affairs. Nurses get to enjoy proper working environments, competitive compensation scales and flexible working hours and more shifts. I recommend them to all nurses and healthcare professionals to register.


Concept Care Solutions:

Concept Care Solutions Logo

The agency provides placement to nurses interested in both short and long term work, with great career opportunities for them. Additionally, they offer the best pay rates in the market, with additional benefits negotiated between them and the medical practitioner. Call and register with them.


Draycott Nursing & Care:

Draycott Nursing and Care deals with both full time and part time nurses. They also offer flexible shifts, both day and night, while putting emphasis on the need to create a work-life balance. They prioritise needs of staff with great pay rates. If you want to increase your income, I encourage you to join them today.


Strand Nursing:

Bespoke Care at Home in and around London

Strand Nursing puts the life of its workers in the forefront by giving them competitive hourly pay rates and allowances, flexible day and night working schedules and breaks for national banking holidays. This is the best place for nurses and join them today.


Assist 24 HR Nursing Agency:

The Assist 24 Hr nursing agency, provides both public and private hospitals with nurses and healthcare assistants. They also have a very attractive pay rates, and friendly booking consultants. I like this company, because of their adequate training opportunities, excellent work-life balance and willingness to help employees. I really encourage every nurse to call and join them.


Pulse Nursing:


Pulse Nursing is famous for their top-notch services to both their clients and nurses. They are leaders in the healthcare recruitment sector and also one of the best nursing agencies in the UK. They also supply qualified, and experienced staff to meet the daily demands within the NHS and Private Hospitals. After going through a stringent recruitment process, nurses  get additional training, before being posted to various work settings. You will enjoy great pay rates, flexible day and nights shifts and a guarantee of long term job considerations. I have worked for Pulse in the past and got an amazing experience. call and register today.

Did You Agree With My Best Nursing Agencies UK?

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