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Businesses Nurses Can Start: 5 Ideas That Sells!

Businesses nurses can start. The nursing work is an intense and very demanding field. Most nurses work an average of 8-10 hours a day and some even work 12-hour shifts. Nurses who work in surgery, dialysis, ICU and ER often work extra hours. If you’re thinking of starting a nursing business, there are careers you can pursue. You can use your nursing skills to launch these businesses.
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Businesses Nurses Can Start: 5 Ideas That Sells!



1. Medical Blogging:

If you are a nurse, who has a passion for flawless and engaging writing, then you can pick up blogging. However, Blogging is among businesses nurses can start. There are lots of topics you can blog on, but first, you need to be able to build a successful career as a nurse blogger. There are few credible nursing blogs, and it’s a niche that is less explored. You must be patient as a blogger. It takes time, effort and finances to build the publicity, and once it picks up, you’ll reap far much greater rewards. Soon enough, you’ll be able to profit from the blog. The publicity might also open doors for you to venture into media channels as a consultant.
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2. Private Nursing Service:

If you’re fed-up in nursing and no longer want to seek an employment in the healthcare industry. You can set up your own private nursing service or recruitment agency. Private nursing is one of the businesses nurses can start, you can supply healthcare professionals to care homes and hospitals.
 Businesses nurses can start and make money

3. Write and Sell Books or eBooks:

You can turn your nursing knowledge into books for income. Nursing books, magazines, and journals have complicated language and topics filled with jargon. As a nurse, you can write books that are easy to understand, to communicate better with patients. The most common needs revolve around infant care, reproductive health, and nutrition. With the outset of free online publishing, you can be able to make a buck selling eBooks.
Businesses nurses can start and succeed

4. Selling Medical Supplies:

Being a trained nurse, you know most hospital medication, equipment and instruments. This makes it easy to venture into medical sales. Potential clients can be students in the nursing school, qualified nurses, and hospitals. Make no mistake sales is a tough and daunting job. You can sell them instruments like stethoscopes, syringes, gloves and coats. You can target the medical care industry as well as home care medical items.
Businesses nurses can start

5. Tutoring:

As a nurse, you can build a business out of training medical students. There are lots of medical training institutes around the country. Do a brief research and apply for the position of a tutor or lecturer. You can also establish a nursing school or a certification programme. If you can’t get a job as an instructor, you can set up a career placement programme for the healthcare industry. You can coach, and guide the young applicants on the best way to navigate the healthcare industry to the top. Share with them what you have learned over the years. Do you have a great business idea for nurses? Please share your views by commenting below.
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