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Why Cavell Nurses Trust Is Best For Nurses?

Cavell nurses trust helps nurses for many years. There is no question that nursing is a very hard. It was in the days of its beginning, and it is still, today.

Why Cavell Nurses Trust Helps Nurses?

Nurses get stresses on them about careers, funding for education, job and retirement. And not only nurses, midwives and health care assistants as well.
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Nurses give tremendous care to others, and is one of the most draining jobs in the world. You spend emotional, mental and physical energy to meet the needs of the people. And for this, they themselves need support in return.

Who Is Edith Cavell?

Edith Cavell, a british nurse who served in Belgium from 1900’s recognised the need to support nurses. She was a nurse aged 20, and her career progression slowed by instructors due to poor punctuality. She later grew into her position, with more clinical responsibilities and lecturing nurses.
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When the First World War started, Edith Cavell was busy helping soldiers and caring for them. Edith also sheltered soldiers into Britain costing her life due to treason. One of her biggest dreams had been to help nurses, and also to establish homes for nurses.


How Cavell Nurses’ Trust Helps Nurses With Homes?

After Edith Cavell’s death, an appeal for these homes got launched in her name. Queen Alexandra took over her ambition, and using the newspapers for public donations. In the end, over 12,500 pounds raised and the first home of rest for nurses was up and running by 1919.
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Is Cavell Nurses’ Trust Good For Helping Nurses?

Cavell Nurses’ Trust helps nurses, health care assistants and midwives who need support. These professionals struggle alone and is difficult to gain support from friends and family.
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The support is for those working or retired from the field of nursing, and covers an array of situations. 
It includes ill-health, financial difficulties, overcoming an injury or suffering from domestic abuse.
Whatever a nurse may be dealing with, they have a place of refuge at Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust Helps Nurses With Financial Grants

They have branched out to help those who want to become nurses, reach their goals. Cavell Nurses’ Trust offer grants to people, and given 0.5 million pounds in financial support.
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Cavell Nurses’ Trust is not an insurance scheme or a union. They are a charity who wants to help nurses in whatever way they can. If you’re a nurse in the UK, I encourage you to join them.
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Cavell Nurses’ Trust helps nurses as a charity, and that means support as opposed to suffering or dealing hardship aloneThey are there to give a listening ear if needed, or help bigger ways. All you have to do is call and reach out.


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