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Is Christine Blackledge’s Nurse Agency Start-Up Good?

Is Christine Blackledge’s nurse agency business good for you? Before I can help you, it’s important to point you to this data. United Nation estimated 841 million people aged 60 in 2013, and the number is to increase to 2 billion by 2050. These statistics, a significant need for improved care for older citizens.


metamorphosis christine blackledge


Christine Blackledge, mother of four is an inspiration to many in the United Kingdom. For 30 years, Christine worked with healthcare service providers and recruitment industries. She entered into self-employment, when she founded the Metamorphosis Company. Her goal was to help older population receive better care, and others achieve dreams.


Why Start A Nurse Agency With Christine Blackledge?


According to Christine, setting up a nursing agency in the UK is easy. You don’t need a huge capital, medical background, and nor do you need to have past nursing experience. Have compassion for patients and understand what nursing agency entails.


There is demand for staffing hospitals, and care homes and not enough nursing agency. The older people get into care due to physical frailty and the presence of dementia. Problem of staff, poor financing, and poor care shortened lengths of stay and low bed capacity. This is where nursing agencies come into play.



Nursing agencies are an essential service for hospitals. This need has made nursing agencies a great business opportunity to venture into. In United Kingdom, you do not need a licence to operate your agency. Unless you want to provide a domiciliary care at individual’s homes.


Is Christine Blackledge’s Metamorphis Good?


Christine’s is a good entrepreneur, for starting a nursing agency business. Christine shares underground trade secrets to help you in your own agency business.


Does Christine Blackledge’s Metamorphosis Offer Guaranteed Business Success?


Like in any business, there’s always risks achieving success or failure. Christine can only provide you with useful resources and guidance. There’s no person, who can project how your business will grow into the future. Unless, they want to exploit you, entrepreneurs who succeed in business follow through.


Does Christine Blackledge’s Metamorphosis Offer DVD’s?


sample nursing agency contracts


Christine Blackledge’s gives you DVDs to kick start your own nurse agency business. Christine offers consultancy services, micro training, and workshop events for start-up recruitment agencies. She introduced a care-standard programmes as well as a will-writing service.


The DVD, training helps you start sending staff to health care organisations.

British Nursing Agency Pay rates


Clients will pay you a percentage of your staff member’s annual salary. This means profits for your business. The more agency workers you have placed within an organisation, the more money you will start to earn.


Christine Blackledge’s Metamorphosis resource is lucrative for nursing agency business in the UK. Please let me know how you plan to start your own business? By commenting below.


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