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How To Stay Happy 365 Days As A Nurse Entrepreneur?

Happy nurse entrepreneurs are truly enjoying life. Happiness is something all nurses seek each day that comes forth. Nurses provide both emotional and physical care for patients, and it is important to do the same for themselves.
staying happy as a nurse
Nurses have time constraints at work, or home thus to keep their needs on the back burner. Nurses can have wellness programme by integrating self-care into busy life and health. It’s possible for you as a nurse, to stay happy each day.

How To Stay As A Happy Nurse Entrepreneur 365 Days?


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Make yourself a priority

As a nurse, it is your responsibility to put others first. Most nurses care for patients in amazing ways, as the healthcare industry expects of them. But, for your sake, you must not forget to make yourself a priority. For instance, do whatever, you need to do to stay on track such as taking coffee breaks. As such, you become a happy and attentive nurse.

Live your passion

If you want the work to be satisfying, such that you will enjoy waking up every day, make sure that you live your passion. This way, you will be happier as a nurse. Nurses who don’t like going to work tend to be victims of life dissatisfaction thus are always unhappy.
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Focus on the good

It is a normal thing for good and bad things to happen. When bad things happen, try only to concentrate on the good. When you focus on the good, you get to improve your day. Associate with people, who will make you remember things that made you happy in the past. Always challenge yourself to find a great thing you have experienced.

Stay at the moment

If you are looking forward to being a happy nurse, then make a point of mastering the skill of staying in the moment. Avoid getting worried about the uncertainties the future might hold. You need to to prevent thinking about creating emotional experiences that are unpleasant.

Set realistic goals

It is good if you are not too hard on yourself, by setting goals that are far from your reach. I recommend you not to make overambitious plans that are either too difficult to achieve. If possible, set progressive goals.
How nurses get happy

Regular meditation


As a nurse, you are the one responsible for your happiness, regular meditation can help you to stay calm at work. Meditation helps lower cortisol levels, and also reduces the chances of developing anxiety. For a bright day at work, take a few minutes on meditation every morning.

Stay flexible and keep an open mind

Nurses who keep an open mind and always stay flexible tend to be happier. If you make plan, it’s advisable not to give up, but instead switch to a more achievable plan that will work well for you.
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Remember the memorable times

At times, keeping memorable moments or few pictures of your loved ones is a good thing, if you want a happy day. When feeling down, focus on everything that is good in your life, such as concentrating on a photo of your loved one. For instance, you can keep the picture of your loved ones on your phone.

Avoid resentments and toxic shame

To be happy, learn to be forgiving. Let go of things you can’t control to avoid dragging the burden of resentment around you. So prevent emotional distress leading to health problems or holding grudges towards others. So, the absence of toxic shame will enable you to have a strong sense of yourself and your value. As such, avoid anxiety, perfectionism or even stressful situations.

Dream about your future

As a matter of fact, nurses who have hopes, plans and excited about their future are always happy. Believe that you can carry out your dreams and visualise them coming true. I recommend that you project positive things for your future.
how to be a happy nurse
Now, what are you going to do with your life? What plans are you going to put in place to stay happy 365 days a year? Please feel free to share your comments below.
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