entrepreneurial skills as a nurse

How To Build Entrepreneurial Skills As A Nurse?

Entrepreneurial skills as a nurse is very important, with the ever-changing face of healthcare. There is no doubt that nurses must stay ahead of the curve if they want to position themselves as influential leaders at the table. If you are looking to become a nurse entrepreneur, you need to understand some entrepreneurial skills for nurses. Let’s have a look.




The first skill I want to uncover is having the ability to be persistent even though you’re not getting the results you want. Why is that a skill? Because it takes a certain mindset to do that. The average person will slowly move onto something less painful generally after a short period of time if they’re not getting the result they want.


Manage distractions


Being able to resist distraction enhances your entrepreneurial skills as a nurse. Some of the distractions nurses face include competition from colleagues, low pay and harsh working conditions. You shouldn’t let any of them bring you down. To manage distractions, you can share them with key people who inspire you.


Overcome rejection quickly


This is a skill that applies to any industry you intend to venture in. Once you decide to be a nurse in business, understand that your product or service isn’t for everyone. In my own ventures, I learnt that some people will appreciate you some wont. So what next? Life goes on regardless.


 Market your product


You should market your product so that you won’t quit too soon before you start getting the results you want. One ppc campaign is not going to get it. One email blast is not going to get it. The best analogy I can use is the tuning of a piano. You don’t tune a piano one time and never touch it again.


Get a mentor


There are many nurses in a healthcare facility who have either tried and failed or succeeded as entrepreneurs. These are the people you should consider your mentors. They understand the challenges and how to overcome them. Make sure you spend time to build entrepreneurial skills as a nurse.


Set goals


A good nurse who wants to be a successful entrepreneur must learn how to set goals. There is a process of learning how to and committing to these goals. Most people see a goal as a resolution they set on New Years and 30 days later it is dust with the wind. This shouldn’t always be the case.


Know your priorities


Proper entrepreneurial skills for nurses that work must always have the business in mind. Keep the main thing, the main thing. Once you start a goal, prioritise and commit to it until it is successful. The world we rearrange itself for a person that follows through with a commitment.


Avoid negative people


There will be a time that you can walk through a hoard of negative people, including your close best friends and their words cannot hurt you. But, until you are there avoid them at all costs. Negative people suck the dreams out of humanity.




This is a skill that a nurse should learn if he/she considers starting a new business. Good planning should be able to forecast and foresee the changing market conditions and adopt suitable strategies to counter or take advantage of them.




The need for management skills becomes necessary, especially if you have the intention of employing several employees. Skills in areas such as recruitment, team building, motivation, knowledge of employment law and health and safety requirements are all part of management skills. Never launch your business without first developing entrepreneurial skills as a nurse.




Whether your business is big or small or whether you employ workers to run your business, your organizational skill will be tested fully as a nurse entrepreneur. You have to set up systems to take orders, handle inquiries and maintain records.


Give value


You should always learn to give value in anything you do. Learn to focus on giving compelling, relevant and informative value for free. However, you should also save your best stuff for paying clients and customers. If you’re not happy with your life, just make the efforts by becoming an entrepreneur starting today.


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