RCN Entrepreneurship for nurses

Why RCN Should Encourage Nurse Entrepreneurship?


RCN entrepreneurship for nurses should be encouraged. The RCN members, choosing to work as entrepreneurs is increasing, given the changes in health and social care in England.
Nurses are some of the smartest and hardworking people I know. They are problem solvers coming up with solutions to problems at the work place for patients.

Why RCN Entrepreneurship Must Be Encouraged?


RCN entrepreneurship training for nurses

Nurses are creative and make quick decisions every day to save lives. This field is full of people who can invent new products to market. All nurses need is someone to educate them on how to bring forth their ideas into the market.
Nursing is about dealing with problems, the need to come up with solution is high. That’s why is very important to teach nurses to use creativity and innovation to better their lives.

RCN Entrepreneurship Training Will Inspire Nurses

RCN helps nurses through career development classes. Apart from training career related courses, RCN should encourage nurses to start businesses.
Entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem and solutions to solve it. Take for instance Nurse Born, a company that markets nurse’s innovations. They saw a problem and started marketing the products and ideas made by nurses.
 RCN entrepreneurship development
Sara Mott founded Nurse born and developed a stethoscope holster after suffering neck injuryAfter inventing the product, Sara couldn’t get the word around about her product hence the need to create a company to aid in marketing the productThis is what happens when you teach and encourage people to solve problems.
Sara’s work as ER nurse help her towards the path of entrepreneurship because of her injury and made a career out of it.

 RCN Entrepreneurship Classes Will Help Nurses

There are so many problems to solve at any given workplace. The thing is, nurses need to be learn on how to bring about their ideas into products that sells. Most of the time, we don’t pursue our ideas because we lack the know-how.
Other times, it’s because we are afraid of taking the first step. That’s where education comes in, it opens our minds and gives us confidence to pursue our ideas.
RCN entrepreneurship for nurses UK
RCN should do more work of encouraging nurses to be entrepreneurs. There is no such thing as a small idea so long as it can solve a problem and bring in returns.
Financing a business idea into a product is hard. But with the right kind of support from RCN, Nurses can become entrepreneurs and to investors.

RCN Entrepreneurship Will Create More Success

The goal of teaching nurses about business is for them to self-actualise. Every innovation starts with a great idea and into a useful product. Some nurse entrepreneurs build communities around their inventions.
RCN nursing entrepreneurship
It’s good to have plan B career as a registered nurse. An injury at work could come calling and if you have an idea that can be a profitable business explore it.
The time to go and learn how to run your own business is now! You can never know unless you try. Give that idea in your head a chance to come out into an awesome product.
RCN entrepreneurship classes for nurses
It’s never too late to start creating or going back to class to get new knowledge. Sign up for entrepreneurship class and learn something new today.
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